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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Can't Sleep

For some reason I couldn't sleep, so I got up early and have been visiting Crochetville. Figured I needed to update my blog and now was a good time.
I hurt my back last night, and I don't know if was the pain pills or what, but all I could do last night was dream or think about different crochet things I want to try. I have no imagination... I am telling you, NONE. But, last night I kept getting these neat ideas of things I want to TRY to make without a pattern. For me that is a crazy idea because I have no idea how to even start if I don't have a pattern for something. Anyway, I got up and decided to take a composition notebook and write down my ideas and how I thought I could go about making them. Wish me luck, ALOT OF IT! LOL.
For someone who likes to finish what I am working on before I start a new project, I have also started more than one at a time. I guess I have gotten bit by the bug. You know the one.... where there are so many things you want to try and you just can't stand to wait. Thanks alot all of you Crochetville junkies! LOL..... that's right..... I blame you! All the pretty patterns ya'll post. I just couldn't take it any more. But.... I will also give credit where credit is due. Because of all you Crochetville junkies, I have started to branch out in my crochet, and ya'll have help to awaken what I didn't know was there... My Imagination! So many thanks!!!


At 4:41 AM, Blogger none said...

I hope your back feels better soon. I have degenerative disc disease in my back, so I know how it is to be in pain and on pain meds. Take care of your back and don't jump into things too soon!

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