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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Nothing much happening

Like the title says... nothing much happening. I did finish the lapghan I was working on and have started on the baby blanket for my grandbaby due in October.
I took my first batch of preemie blankets to the NICU today. They took me on a tour and let me see all the babies. They are soooo small and sooo cute. I had never seen a preemie baby up close, only on t.v., or after they were a few months old. I hope the families who recieve them get alot of use from them.
Well, that's about it. My life is a bore compared to some peoples. I don't have alot to post or talk about cause I just crochet, watch t.v., and go to Crochetville. That's the way I like it tho. Slow and simple! I will try to post pics when I get more done on the baby blanket.


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