Kat's Crochet Creations

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Great Surprise Today!

I recieved a great surprise today. My hubby is working nights right now, and so we were sleeping this morning and the doorbell rang. I jumped up, our dog went crazy, and I went to the door and I found a package. I recieved the yarn from a member of my Crochetville family she had told me she would send. It was a great surprise because I was not expecting this soon since she lives in Canada and I live in the southern US. As you can see from the pic below, it is beautiful! I so love the colors! I am going to enjoy using this make the preemies at our NICU some beautiful things. I am not putting her name because I am not sure if she would want me to, but I would like to let her know how much this will help out. Thank you so much!Also today, I recieved an RAOK for my daughter! I also posted a pic of it below. She is home for the weekend right now and leaves again tomorrow. She greatly appreciated the thoughtfulness and she loves keychains! The card was so sweet and encouraging. She could not believe someone she did not know sent her something for no reason. Thank you to my Crochetville Fairy Godmother for doing this! It meant alot to her.